Copacabana, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and my fascination with gemstones started at a very early age.

Perhaps it was my mother’s fabulous sense of style and appreciation of this beautiful planet we live in, combined with her love of all things handmade that rubbed off on me. As a small child, she would take me to all types of classes from classic oil painting to sewing. Once she gave me my first pair of pliers I really found my calling. At first, I worked with vintage beads and non-precious metals. Once I discovered the wealth of gemstones available as beads I never went back to any other medium. I have worked with gemstone beads for over 16 years.

All my knowledge is self-taught. I took flight with that first set of pliers and didn’t reconsider. As a teenager, I started to get serious about my business after getting an order for over 100 necklaces from a very exclusive jewelry and accessory boutique in Rio de Janeiro. That original order sold out in 3 weeks. I knew I was on the right track.

Since then my designs have appeared in several better stores and boutiques in Rio, Recife and New York, and were even photographed with Vivienne Westwood clothing for Manchete Magazine in Rio (the equivalent of Time Magazine). Currently, my “babies” are traveling the world in cruise ship boutiques, appearing in Museum stores and some of the best specialty boutiques from Saint Louis to the Hamptons.

I aim to define my personal style as Modern Classic, the best of all times, each destined to become a treasured family heirloom, whether the materials are precious or not. 

Antique and Vintage Jewelry have always been part of my personal jewelry wardrobe. There is always a lot to learn from their design, materials, and construction. Each is a teacher, sharing their history. These jewels have a mysterious and enchanting past and are full of character, having lived much longer than probably you and me. They are beautiful witnesses of days gone by.

I have learned a lot from each individual piece of vintage and antique jewelry that has passed through my hands. They have served as silent teachers on my never-ending quest for knowledge. Building large-scale models as in Architecture is a wonderful thing, but to me, it does not compare to the almost instant gratification of constructing a small piece that will become a part of the wearer, even if for a short amount of time. Life itself is ephemeral and ever-changing, just like jewelry.

My personal Vintage and Estate Jewelry Collection became so vast that I decided to share some of it. They should be enjoyed by others whether or not they learn from them as I did. If they appeal to another person too, why keep it in a jewelry box? They were meant to be seen and to be worn. From this sentiment, the “Estate and Vintage Jewelry Collection” was born. It certainly helps that I love to shop! It also gives me the opportunity to go out and hunt for that treasure I know is beckoning me.

The second stage is a lot of fun for me as well. Hours of research go into each item offered on this website, and I love it. Books have always been good friends too. I will not offer a Vintage, Antique or Estate piece that is not described with confidence and accuracy. Rest assured that years of learning and research have been invested into every offering on this site. A Minor in Arts and family in the Antique field have helped a great deal.

I sincerely hope you enjoy your visit and I thank you for stopping by. Should you have any questions, please contact us. It is always a pleasure hearing from you.


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Vera Battemarco GIA A.J.P.


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