November 21, 2015

Ruby is one of my favorite stones. With shades ranging from Pigeon's Blood to juicy raspberry, what is there not to love? It looks great on many different skin tones and is suitable for both Men and Women.

Rubies embody the color of Passion and have been extremely popular for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Up until the early 20th Century, Rubies were extremely scarce and only available to the very wealthy and royalty. This changed in the late 18th Century when man-made rubies were introduced into the market. Even then, the lab created stones were rather pricey.

A few examples of Ruby Jewelry made through the years and available at the shop:

Belle Epoque Bow Brooch - Rubies and 14k Gold

Antique Ruby Jeweled Lion Face Victorian Cufflinks

Antique 14k Gold Ruby Earrings Petite Drop Victorian

14k Gold Ruby Earrings Petite Drop Victorian

Estate Vintage Retro 14k Rose Gold Diamond Ruby Wrap Ring

14k Rose Gold Diamond Ruby Belt Buckle Retro Ring


See all Ruby Estate Jewelry.

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