February 09, 2018

Makes an offer!

Don't be shy - make us an offer we can't refuse!

Everyone is on a budget these days. We ran promotions and offered coupons but maybe it is not the right time for you and we understand that. So rather than use our crystal ball (we aren't that great at it), we came up with a way to help you make it happen. We are letting you set the price (to an extent).

This super fun and easy to use new feature lets you make us an offer directly from the product page.  Make us an offer we can't refuse! This is how it works:

Look for MAKE AN OFFER  link next to the "Buy it now"  ☛

Once you click on the link or move the mouse up to the browser address bar an overlay will display. 

Just fill up the form and hit "Send Offer". We will either accept, counter or decline.

For accepted and countered offers, the reply email will include a private link to the checkout where your special pricing is automagically entered. Just complete the checkout and boom - it is yours for the price agreed!

Make an offer interface

Please take these into consideration:


We have many more expenses beyond the cost of the item. It costs a good amount of money and time to run and maintain a site like ours besides the cost of the items being sold, the time it takes us to find, research, test, clean and photograph each one for you.  

We will do our best to make a deal but we have our limits too!


We only have one of each. 

Anyone can purchase the item you made an offer on while we are negotiating. Once the payment is received, the item is yours. 

This system does not place holds on merchandise. 

Make sure it is your best offer so we can make a deal faster.


Once an offer is accepted or countered, it expires within 72 hours. 

If you miss the deadline, you have to make another offer and start all over again. 

It might sell to someone else in the meantime and you will miss it forever... We'd hate to see that happen.


If the piece you want is a newly listed item, we will be less willing to make a larger discount. 

We share all our new additions on several social media networks, so don't wait!

If you make an offer and we don't reply in 24 hours, please contact us or send an Instagram DM to @lovepreadored. We check often and normally reply very quickly.

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