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Paco Rabanne

One of my favorite designers ever, his creativity is amazing. In a time of pillbox hats and structured handbags, his designs used metal, paper and other unusual materials and were anything but conventional.

Modernist, Futuristic and without match even today.

Born in Spain, he fled to France with his mother when the Spanish Civil War broke out. His original education was in Architecture (well, like me!)

Paco Rabanne designed the costumes for the movie Barbarella with Jane Fonda.

He designs to this day and has published books on Spirituality.

Luckily models don't dance like this anymore. Anyway, a taste of vintage Paco Rabanne, enjoy!

For more on Paco Rabanne's fashion biography.

A pictorial guide book to his designs can be seen here.

Spirituality books authored by Paco Rabanne can be found on Amazon.