10k White Gold Ruby Signet Style Ring by Ostby of Ostby Barton


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Absolutely gorgeous Ostby Barton ring signed with Ostby's personal mark, indicating he was the goldsmith that made it. It is stunning, the face or setting is a large flat surface of raspberry Ruby set in patterned White Gold. The pattern is Art Deco but I do see a Native America influence here.

Engelhart Cornelius Ostby, Oslo (Norway) goldsmith who emigrated to the US and joined Nathan B. Barton to create Ostby & Barton in Rhode Island on July 1, 1879.  The company grew to be the largest manufacturer of rings in the US in the early 1900's. Unfortunately, Mr. Barton perished in the Titanic disaster. His daughter survived the ordeal and kept the company alive until the 1950's.

Ring setting measures 1/2" North South by 5/8" East West.  

The octagonal flat Ruby is lab created. Please keep in mind that at the time this ring was made Rubies were extremely scarce and lab created stones were quite price-y too. The approximate size of the stone measured in the setting is 10mm North South by 1/2" East West.

Overall approximate weight is 5.8 grams or 3.7 pennyweights. Marked 10K, OB and Mr. Ostby personal mark, the Maltese Cross. 

In excellent condition, a truly special ring with a lot fo History behind it.

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