Art Deco, 1920s to 1930s

Authentic Bahiana Figa Mano Fico Pendant Silver Rubies

This is an authentic, extremely rare, Bahia made Figa charm from Brazil. Set in 900 Silver, marked "Prata 900". The hand and wrist are hand-carved hardwood.

The puffy sleeve is adorned with twisted wire circular settings, each setting holds 1 of 5 genuine Rubies. The wrist wears a hammered twisted wire silver bangle. It is truly spectacular at almost 2 1/2" long. The puffed sleeve is 9/16" in diameter.

In excellent condition for its age, the thumb still has the silver nail. None of the other fingers do but that is not uncommon. Estimated to date from the 1920's, I personally purchased this figa at an antique market in Rio de Janeiro. What a fun day that was!

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