Vintage, 1930s to 1980s

Moonstone Girandole Necklace

Are you a romantic? Yes? You will absolutely love this necklace. The natural white to very light gray moonstone cabs glisten in the light. 

Surprisingly, it is gold filled and not solid gold. It is very well made and it was handmade. The moonstones cabs have many lovely plays of light. Some are more translucent, some less, like clouds in the sky. It's quite beautiful.

Necklace measures 17 1/2" long. The centerpiece which gives it its name (girandole) measures 4" across by almost 2" long at the center. The condition is excellent with minor darkening on the back.

There are 18 hand cut round cabochons. They are almost perfectly round, hand cut, roughly 6mm in diameter.

Based on the clasp, this necklace dates from the 1960's. It is unsigned, maybe even a custom piece.

Moonstones signify fertility and abundance - perfect for the bride!

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