Vintage, 1930s to 1980s

Guilloche Enamel Watch Pin by Kent

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Cute vintage watch pin, back of the case is adorned with Guilloche enamel in light yellow with a pink cabbage rose at the center. The brooch is completed by a green enameled bow top.

This watch pin measures about 2 1/2" long overall, the watch itself is slightly over 1" in diameter.

Overall condition is good for its age, estimated to date from the 1930's to the 40's. Manual watch needs winding, it is manual, runs and keeps fairly accurate time but we cannot guarantee it will continue to do so. It has been oiled but not fully serviced. There is a slight loss of enamel on the bow which adds to the charm. The dial is in good shape and so is the crystal which has some staining on the back but no damage.

Watch movement made by Kent.

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