Victorian, 1830s to 1900s

Large Victorian Gold Cameo Ring


This gorgeous large cameo ring dates from the late 1800's. The beautiful shell cameo is hand carved, oval in shape and set in 10k yellow gold. The elegant female profile has great detail and a neo-classic style. Her profile dates the cameo due to her classic Greek beauty features. 

The condition is very good, cameos in rings tend to lose detail over time because they are hand carved from soft natural shell. There is a small indentation on the metal edge of the bezel, shown in the last image. There is no risk of cameo coming loose or damage to the cameo.

The ring setting measures 15/16" (23.5mm) North-South by 3/4" (18.5mm) East-West.

The size of the ring is 5.75 US. It can be sized at least one size up or down. Please inquire providing the desired ring size for details.

Overall approximate weight is 4.8 gram. The ring is not marked, it was carefully tested.

Download and print our Ring Sizing Chart.


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