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Victorian, 1830s to 1900s


Stanhope Quill Pen

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Made of carved wood, this antique quill pen has three stanhopes. It is hand carved and depicts a stalk with three flowers and leaves. Each flower center is a stanhope. It is very likely it a Black Forrest, Germany, carving.

The stanhope is a tiny lens that is set into things, jewelry included. Behind each tiny lens, there is a tiny image. The curve of the glass magnifies the image. If you look through it as you would with a loupe, through a single eye close enough for your eyes to focus. It's a really cool invention. It dates from the 1800's.

Sadly, only the top stanhope image remains. It is an image of Lausanne, Switzerland. These tiny images were glued so after all these years, they come off and are lost to time.

The quill is about 8" long. One leaf lost its tip but it is not obvious.The tip is gold tone, some are solid gold but there are no markings on this one.

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