Sterling Silver Cameos Muff or Watch Chain Necklace Beaded

Unusual very long watch chain or muff chain necklace composed of lengths of beaded chain connected by medallions which have a cameo on each side. The medallions feature a woman's profile with flowing hair in graceful curves, her noble outline is adorned by a group of three little flowers on the left shoulder. The flowers are tiny, perhaps magnification will be needed to see them. Great detail and extremely well made.

Lengths if beaded chain vary in length, except for the ones towards the clasp. Each medallion measures 1/2" tall not including the loop on each side by 7/16" at the widest point.

The overall length of the chain is 45" not including the latch. Beads on the chain are 1/8" in diameter.

Total weight is approximately 32 grams. Not marked, carefully tested. Estimated to date from the 1890's. Excellent condition.

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