Victorian, 1830s to 1900s

Victorian Silver Plated Coin Purse Etui


This beautiful antique Victorian coin purse or etui was actually carried as a pocketbook. It has a nice silver chain to carry it on your wrist, meant for dancing nights and special occasions.

About the size of a larger rectangular compact, it has two separate areas with accordion dividers. It was meant to carry tiny silver and gold coins.

The condition is excellent considering the age of over 120 years. The fabric lining and partitions are intact. These are often shredded and lost to time. The chain has oval links and is 12.5" long. You can attach it to a belt if you'd like to wear it. 

Overall measurements are 3" by 2 3/8" and 3/4" deep at the center of the raised oval portion. It was actually meant to be engraved with the owner's initials but it is blank.

The lovely rich patina enhances the floral pattern frame. We do not polish silver plate as many collectors frown upon the practice. It can be polished if desired but it will lose its character. It is unmarked.


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