The British are coming! The British are coming!

New York has been invaded by British shoppers. With the dollar as low as it is
against the Euro and primarily the Pound, shopping New York City is better than Disneyland (if you like that kind of thing). Capitalizing on this ,Virgin is offering 3 days shopping flights to Boston and New York.

Not long ago these puddle hoppers were out of fashion. New Yorkers that were interviewed said that they would be shopping on line.

I love the insanity of New York during the Holidays, but I prefer to be a voyeur than a participant. It is truly exhilarating. Gorgeous shop windows and lights everywhere and let’s not forget the Christmas Tree at the Rock. The streets are packed with people, big shopping bags and crowded public transportation. So much so that the MTA tried a package size restriction on what you can take in the subway during the Holiday Shopping Season last year. Shopping on line sounds great to me too.

For the visiting folk, it’s all part of the deal. It is one of the reasons why they come here anyway. As for me, I’ll shop online this year.

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