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The New Romantics

Antique Victorian Rose Gold Turquoise Bracelet

Victorian, 1830s to 1900s

Rose Gold Turquoise Bracelet


A gorgeous and delicate antique bracelet, it is entirely hand made of solid 10k gold. It is very likely it had a heart padlock a long time ago as the design would be perfect once the replacement gold filled clasp is removed. Each elongated link is hand...

Vintage, 1930s to 1990s

14k Gold Heart Locket Necklace


The darling small heart locket pendant is paired with a delicate chain. Both are solid 14k yellow gold. The locket is hand engraved with flowers on the cover and finished in florentine gold, a beautiful satin look. The back is highly polished with no...

Tiny Victorian Gold Locket

Victorian, 1830s to 1900s

Tiny Victorian Gold Locket


This adorable tiny Victorian gold locket has a hand chased or engraved abstract pattern on the cover and an elaborate F or G initial hand engraved on the back. It measures only 7/16" in diameter and is 9/16" tall when the bail is included. Made of solid...