How to Wear a Lariat Necklace

Lariat is one of the most versatile style of necklace. Generally speaking is a long strand, chain or rope with adorned ends and no clasp. There are several ways to wear this style:

Lariat Instructions 001 Large

This is a finely beaded, almost woven Lariat Necklace from the 1920s.

Lariat Instructions 003 Large

Fold it in half and pass the two ends through the loop to achieve this look.

Lariat Instructions 005 Large

Wrap around the neck twice, then knot it in the front. You can knot the loop too and will look like this image. If you just knot it, it will have one short plain strand higher in the neck and one longer one where the knot is. Doing it as seen on the image avoids the weight of the ends making it too tight around your neck.

Lariat Instructions 007 Large

Here is another way, just let the ends fall in the front or for a Summer evening out, bring your hair up and let it fall down a low cut back dress or blouse.

Lariat Instructions 009 Large

In this style, you knot it as high as it is comfortable to wear, then leave the long ends which can be both worn to the front, the back or one in the front and one in the back if you place the knot on the side.

The beads at the ends are Italian Murano beads and this style is called “wedding cake”

The best way to figure out how to wear a lariat necklace is to think of it as a scarf. How many different ways can you wear a scarf? It really depends on the occasion, your style, how daring you are. You can make a fashion statement that steals the show or a demure and classic finishing touch to your outfit.

Other ways not pictured are as a belt, a wrap bracelet and even braided in your hair if it is long enough. Feeling like a Flower Child today? Wrap around your forehead. Wearing a Menswear inspired suit? Replace the tie with a lariat. The only limitation is your imagination and how daring you are!

If you have an idea not mentioned here, please share with a comment.

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