Art Nouveau, 1895 to 1920s

Art Nouveau Enameled Flower Pendant Necklace Whiteside and Blank

A very fine example of American Art Nouveau, this enameled 14k gold flower pin pendant was made by Whiteside and Blank of Newark NJ. Their artistry is phenomenal. The enamel is slightly iridescent, giving the petals a soft velvety look. The center pistils are represented by perfectly round natural (not cultured) pearls. Each petal is formed by hand and so dimensional it looks real. In a soft combination of light yellow and soft pink, the iridescence has a slight coppery glow that compliments it perfectly. There was only one these ever made, if a similar one was to be made, it would be slightly different.

The pin is approximately 7/8" in diameter. The outer pearls are approximately 1.5mm in diameter each. The center pearl is 2.5mm approximately. The pin is solid gold, marked on the clasp safety with the crescent pierced by an arrow for Whiteside and Blank and "14k".

Due to its construction, this pin can be worn as a pendant. We selected a beautiful chain that although newer, has the perfect shade of gold, the perfect weight and style to compliment such a rare find. The chain is solid 14k gold, tight curb links, almost 2mm wide by 0.5mm deep. It measures 18" long.

The ensemble necklace total approximate weight is 7.2 grams. Sadly, there is one small area of enamel loss. It pales in comparison to the overall beauty of this piece. The price has been adjusted to reflect the condition.

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